What to Expect From a Prostate Exam

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Many men have to take prostate exams, but most of the guys are quite scared of this procedure. Men are commonly advised to undergo this medical procedure due to suspicions of suffering from a disease or simply as general health screening. Either way, this is not a very complicated procedure and there is nothing you should fear.

A prostate exam will not take more than one or two minutes. It is a painless procedure. At first, your doctor will tell you what will happen during the exam. He has to insert a finger into your rectum in order to examine the prostate gland. Most likely, the patient will be asked to stand, feet apart, bending forward. In this point, many men become nervous, as they cannot see what happens. You can ask your doctor to describe each step, before it happens. This is a common procedure in most clinics as it helps patients calm down.

Below you will find a video that may turn out being really helpful in finding out what to expect from a prostate exam.

You will probably feel a little pressure in the area, but that is it. No pain or discomfort is experienced by patients. In case the procedure hurts, you should tell your doctor immediately. The doctor will move his finger in a circular motion inside the rectum with the purpose to identify the lobes and groove of the prostate gland. In case the specialist has reasons to suspect that there may be something wrong with your health, further tests are going to be recommended.

Men aged over 50 are commonly recommended to undergo a prostate exam, as well as individuals who have had problems with urinating in the past. However, regular prostate checkups should be attended by men aged over 40, as prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed type of cancer in men from all over the world. Getting an early exam means getting an early diagnosis and starting the right treatment as soon as the disease is formed. This can even make the difference between life and death.

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About the Prostate Exam

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The prostate exam is one of those tests that every man needs to face at one point in his life. Also known as rectal exam, the prostate exam is often reason enough for men to feel frightened and uncomfortable, even embarrassed. However, there should be no reason to feel that way, since the prostate exam is the best way to diagnose prostatic disorders, especially tumors and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Moreover, a prostate exam can also detect rectal tumors, appendicitis, and other forms of cancer. While a prostate exam is often performed as part of general health screening, it is advisable for men over 50 to undergo it on a frequent basis.

The prostate exam is considered by most men an awkward procedure, since it implies the doctor inserting his finger into the patient’s rectum. You must understand that this is the only way to properly examine the prostate gland, so you should relax and think about the fact that that doctor has seen a lot of patients and has done hundreds exams of the kind. When undergoing a prostate exam, you will usually be asked to stand with your feet apart. You will probably be facing the examination couch and you will be bent forward. There are also many men who get anxious at the thought of a prostate exam because they are not able to see what is going on. If you are one of them, asking the doctor to describe each step of the prostate exam might relax you and calm your nerves.

You should also make sure that the doctor pays proper attention to the hygiene part. He will have to put on a surgical glove and cover his finger with lubricant, so he will not hurt you. After the doctor inserts the finger into the rectum, you may feel some pressure, but no pain. If, however, you do experience some kind of pain, you should let the doctor know about it immediately. Also, the doctor will pause several times during this process, because he can only move further if your sphincter muscle is relaxed. Being tense during a prostate exam is completely normal and understandable, but remember that if you relax, you will be so much more comfortable and you will put the doctor at ease at the same time. A prostate exam usually takes about one minute, so think about the fact that it will be over in no time, but it is very helpful in detecting possible prostate problems.

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